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Looking to join as minor contributor for Spark, any mentors?


I would like to find a mentor to facilitate joining the Spark project. In terms of skill-set I am something of a generalist, I am proficient (but no rock-star) with Java development, business analysis, systems analysis and project management.

I think I can contribute ~ three hours a week or so to the project. I intend on starting with minor, independent issues (that double-smiley in the emoticons has caught my eye…) before doing any substantive.



I use Spark daily at work and I’d like to contribute as well. I looked at fisheye like the Mentor document said and it appears that michael.will is the person who could/should be a mentor and I think that michael.will is cstux on here.

Hi, guys. I’m glad to see more people joining the Spark project as it currently lacks manpower. Yep, Michael Will is cstux here. But i’m afraid he might be too busy to be a normal mentor (i hope he will notice this thread and answer himself). I think Konstantin, who is doing some patches lately, was asking him about mentoring too, but i’m not sure they’ve made a deal. So. If you won’t find a mentor, i think you can start by proposing your patches here, in the forums. Or we can give you the rights to create JIRA issues (Daryl ). At some point cstux will review and apply your patches and after some time we could talk about svn access.

Hi guys,

I have added ‘winter’ and ‘nmcf’ to the spark-developers group. You should be able to do stuff in Jira against the spark project.


Nice to hear that.

Last time I have another big opensource-project at work, which was rolled out the last months. So now I have some holidays and after that I will have more time to work on Spark. The project at work integrates Spark and Openfire, so there are many thinks to do on all projects.

After my holidays I can be the mentor, if you’d like it. If somebody has questions about Spark, he/she can send me an email.

If somebody would like to get svn-access, first he/she should create some patches. Than we can check the code-quality of the patches and if it is ok, I will commit it, otherwise I will rejected it with a comment. After that, he/she will get own svn-access.


I’m not sure exactly how to create a patch, but I found the offending code for #SPARK-1112 and posted a comment in there with code that would fix the bug as described in the complaint. I’ll poke around the interweb to see if I can figure out how to make a patch in Eclipse.


I figured it out and attached the .patch file to the issue for someone to review.