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Losing Connection Even Though

Hello all,

I have a working chat client but it doesn’'t keep the connections live. I have the “Never kick idle users” options selected on “Other Settings” Menu found on Group Chat. So why is my connection not remaining live?

Hi Kinesis,

I was having a similar issue of the OpenFire server kicking idle users (I wasn’'t using the group chat settings) regardless of what value I put in for the idle timeout property. This obviously seems to be an issue with the OpenFire server, not the XIFF library.

My other thread over here addresses the issue of getting the XIFF library to allow you to simply reconnect whenever your client gets disconnected from the server. Hopefully this will help you out a little.


I had the same problem with XIFF and Openfire. My client would get disconnected after about 20 minutes of idle. What I’‘m doing now is having a Timer update your presence every every couple of minutes. That seemed to have fixed the disconnect issue. I know this is a hack to keep the connection alive but I couldn’'t figure out why it was doing it.


Can you post the code snippet for setting your presence manually? Up to now, I’‘m just having connect() set it for me, but I’'m running into the same timeout issue.

You could alway set the timeout to -1 (no timeout).

If it doesn’'t exist, add this to the server system properties in the admin panel:


and give it a value of -1