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Losing Messages


I have noticed a recurring problem with losing the text of the first message sent to me. My Spark will start blinking and a window for that person will pop up, but there will be no text displayed in my chat client.

The problem seems to occur when someone using version 1.1.1 sends me a chat message. My version is 1.1.4 I have had this happen with 4 different people running 1.1.1.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

I am running into an issue similar to this. I have one user who is on OSX10.4.1 using spark 1.1.4. Anytime a message is sent to her, the dialog box will pop up showing past history, but the new message will not show. The user has to close the dialog window and then re-open it to see what was sent. Just wierd…

Also… in my case, we are all running Windows XP SP2.