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Losing offline messages to unreachable clients


We’re trying to prevent offline messages losing. It happens whenever a client becomes unreachable and Openfire does not notice it. I think It is a quite common case e.g. when client’s computer enters PM sleep state or network connection breaks. Even if we set xmpp.client.idle to 30s and it will work good - it is still 30s period of time, when server can send messages and will not check if someone gets them, right?



There are a few tickets in Jira related to XEP-0184 Message Delivery Receipts. This protocol should handle such cases i think. But it is a client side feature, so the ticket for Openfire was closed and tickets for Smack and Spark are open (no patches). Maybe you can find a client supporting this protocol. Maybe there is some other xep related to server part, but i’m not aware about it.