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Lost Contacts

We are running Openfire 3.9.3 and the Spark client 2.6.3 on Windows for some time now. We also use the Kraken IM Gateway plugin to allow users access to their personal IM accounts. For one of our users their contacts stopped loading today. They are signed into yahoo, as others can send IM’s in to the user succesfully. If the user logs into the yahoo IM client their contacts loads just fine.

I’ve tried restarting the openfire server, and the spark client. I deleted the %appdata%/spark folder and reloaded spark. We have removed the registation information for the users yahoo account via the open fire admin console, and have cleared the roster cache. Neither of these worked, the user still can connect to yahoo and receive inbound IM’s.

Since the issue started a new error appears in the Openfire\log\info.log

2014.09.05 10:33:27 net.sf.kraken.registration.RegistrationHandler - Registering ***@***/Spark 2.6.3 as ***@yahoo.com in rosterless mode.

Any thoughts what I might be missing?

You can try deleting this user and creating a fresh one.

All of our users are pulled in from AD. They all show up as read-only in the Openfire admin console.