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LOST! Installing to a remote server?

Hello. I like this script alot and got it to work on my home computer using apache and windows, but now i’‘d like to put it on my remote server hosted by somone else, but I have no idea of how to do this i can’‘t runn the installer cause it’'s not on my computer. Is there a really detailed tutorial anywhere for DUMMIES ? I cannot figure this out. Which wild fire do i download and what else do i need ? PLEASE HELP ME. I have been searching for an answer all night!


there are a .zip and a .tar.gz file which one may simply extract.

It would help a lot if you could give some details about the remote server.

  1. Is it Linux or Windows?

  2. how can you access it (SSH, Terminal Service, …)?

  3. How much physical available memory does the server have (don’'t count v-server memory)?


uhhh My server is linux, I use ftp pro to access it. and dont know how much memory. See i downloaded the files for windows extracted and uploaded them to the server but i dont get what to do man. LOL sorry if i sound like an idiot I’'m just new to this kind of stuff.


if you have only FTP access then you’'ll not be able to start Wildfire.

So one should hope that you have also SSH or telnet access and that you did transfer the content for the .tar.gz file, there is a bin/wildfire script inside which one can use to start it.