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Lost some messages after update from 3.1.1 to 3.2.3

Some users report that they not receive some messages from other users on same server. I cant find this messages in server message logs, but i can still find it in "Sent messages" in user client (yes, yes, its Pandion 2.5 ).

Today i have check it by myself and found that problem is really exist - i send message to user, who is on my left hand - and he is not receive my message. Restart server help us for some time, can`t really say, when it may start again.

WF 3.1.1 and earlier version worked without this problem, it`s begin after update to 3.2.3.

I`m alone for now with this problem or there is another people, who feel the same?

Yes, i’'l have this problem too. in version 3.2.2.

Guys, any news? Please, tell us - it`s a bug or we are dumb?

Hey guys,

Can you easily reproduce this problem? Attached you will find the debugger plugin that will print to the stdout sent and received packets. Could you use that plugin when you see this problem? Are you seeing any error in the log files? Any info on how to reproduce this problem would be great.


– Gato

Thanx, i have installed this plugin, now waiting for report from users about problem.

Yes, i have some errors in error.log, something like:

2007.03.29 13:44:52 org.jivesoftware.util.log.util.CommonsLogFactory$1.error(CommonsLogFactory.java: 87)? Line=19 The content of element type “dwr” must match “(init?,allow?,signatures?)”.

but i can`t find errors that happened in same time with this problem.

No, i don`t know how to reproduce this problem, sorry .

we’‘ve been seeing this problem with Trillian clients since version 3.2.1…and we’‘re now running 3.2.4. I haven’‘t been able to find any info at the Trillian site; but that may be because it’'s an awful site to navigate.

I’‘m a little leery of installing debug.jar becaue of the amount of info it records for every send/receive…but anyways. So what happens is a Trillian user will send an IM, and the recipient will never receive it. I’'ve found nothing useful in the logs so far, but I have at least 3 Trillian users that this is happening to.

Any possible insights?

Hey evilroygato,

Trillian allows you to open a console debugger to monitor XML traffic. Could you open it and check the XML being sent? Please, post it here. In particular, I would like to know 1) value of TO attribute and 2) content of message.


– Gato

yes, my Trillian users are gone for the day, so I’'ll get this to you tomorrow. I also installed debugger.jar…which is generating a large amount of data…I may turn it off, and try to setup a more limited debug session with it.

standby while gathering data…

Good news everyone!©

I have installed WF 3.2.4 one week ago and since this time receive just one report about one lost message. This happened (message loss) exactly in same time when I restart a WF service and i think we shall ignore this report.

But i will close this issue later, in one or two weeks.

timoty report to me in russian that his problem was solved too, just by excluding Cyrillic symbols in some usernames.