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Lots of questions


First post, so hello all.

I’‘ve just setup jive and rolled out clients to our 2000 users. I’‘ve got the authentication setup to link to our AD server and it’'s all working great. As with anything the more you look the more questions you get, so here they are:

1, Content filter.

This works well and as we are a school very needed.When setup to send alerts on events to an admin the message doesn’‘t actually include the bad message. Is there a way of getting it to show? Also the filter doesn’'t seem to kick in on the status text so even if I ban every swear word the pupils can still use swear words in their status, any chance of the filter being extended?

2, ldap groups stopping admin

After I had a working ldap setup I tried settings up a group in ldap so i could restrict who could use im. I did this and added the filter to the jive xml file, this worked fine and only those in the group would work. However even though the nominated admin name was a member of this group I could no longer login to the admin console, the same admin account could log in as a client.

3, logging of messages to mysql

There is mention of this in this forum but even in beta2 i couldn’'t see the option. Is it available at all?

4, User’'s personal profiles.

As it stands at the moment pupils can set their own profiles, name, age, address etc. from their jabber client. Ideally I would want this setup from ldap but even then I need to stop pupils changing their data. I know the ldap import is being worked on, but i can’'t find any mention of locking the profiles. So the question is how?

Also does anyone know a good client with a whiteboard. neos and Coccinella both seemed to have problems but these were the only ones i found.

Many thanks



#1 – Conor will probably need to help out with this question, as he’'s the author of the plugin.

#2 – That sounds like an odd issue. Are you using the LDAP filter feature or the LDAP group feature?

#3 – Not supported yet, but work is in progress as JM-149.

#4 – There’‘s actually a read-only LDAP provider for vCard information. If you do a search in the forums, you should find the info. I’'ll try to get the LDAP documentation updated with instructions on how to set this up as well.


Thanks matt,

I’‘ve spoken to Conor on the filter and the ldap problem has gone away. I think it was a slow replication going on but it’'s working fine now.

On the user’'s profile question.

I added the .jar file to /lib from JM-121 and followed the intructions to modify the settings.xml. Well it must of done something as all profiles are now blank but the info from ldap isn’'t going in. Ldap for authentication is working fine still. Win2000 AD and jive 2.2.2

My settings file now looks like :

x x x x uid: There''s probably an obvious mistake in there somewhere ! Many thnaks James

About the logging to a mysql database i made a perl script which read the logs and insert them into a mysql table if you want that i can give it to you.

Just send me a private msg