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Macros broken in smackx and affects Spark Fastpath plugin

For the 2.5.8 Spark release, the Fastpath plugin used the com.* versions of the Smack classes. The most recent source for the Fastpath Spark plugin, however, uses the org.* versions of the Smack classes. Macros are broken in these versions of Smack because the xstream code is commented out in org.jivesoftware.smackx.workgroup.ext.macros.Macros.

What is the intention regarding support for Macros in Smack, Spark, and the Fastpath Spark plugin?

I see that xstream is still used in the Fastpath Openfire plugin (server side). Will that be going away? Or, will xstream be restored to the client side?

We will need to fix the Macros for our installation and I would like to go in the same direction that Spark and Openfire are going with respect to the use of xstream. Also, depending on how we fix Macros, the fix might be of use to the community.

[Yesterday, I mistakenly posted this in Spark Support. I will delete that thread. No cross-post intended.]

Can’t say i’ve understood everything, but i’ll file this as SMACK-276. Maybe Matt will answer about this.