Made changes in chatmain.jsp does not get effected when going to a chat session

Hi everyone,

i need to change some of the stuff with in chatmain.jps (adding upload field,change look,etc…) but when i make changes nothing seems to happen when i goto a webchat session. am i missing something??

also restart the server

Enviroment: running on windows 2003 r2.

You can’t change something in jsp files. Because they will be reloaded from the resources files. You need to make changes in the source and compile whole server with those changes.

thank you so much for your reply. so need to us that c.cmd (first made the changes in .java files). also i know crazy but where do i get the source for fastpath?

You can find it in the source of Openfire

Here is the full path to fastpath source

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Thank you so much

last and final question.

  1. I downloaded the source files. how ever cant find webchat there in the sources.

  2. Do i need to recreate the WAR file and if so how?

ok, just to say what i have done.

  1. Stopped the server.
  2. Change webchat.war to
  3. Extract the zip file into webchat folder ( some where else on my machine) and made the changes
  4. Compress the folder into a zip file and changed the extension from .zip to .war
  5. Start the server
  6. Reconfigure webchat from internet explorer
  7. I can see the groups when i goto url/webchat (have 2 groups so far)

After all this when i goto plugins\webchat i can see the new changes in the actual files (chatmain and other changes i have made), but nothing is changed in the front end (webchat client) and still showing the old stuff. I know this is crazy but done this before and worked for me. I also empty the cache from admin backend(openfire) and empty the cache on my Internet explorer but nothing… HELP PLEASE

Can’t help further. Don’t know much about webchat or war files.

any one else ??