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Made some small UI changes to the community

Well we finally got rid of the “Ignite Realtime” text header that was wasting so much real estate. That should put some ease on troubled scrolling fingers. We also cleaned up the footer a bit. Now you can actually read it. Novel, eh?

Hi Michael,

you’re my “Hero of the day”, just for posting this, even if you did not do the changes all by yourself.

It seems that you did remove the buttons for view=all, view=discussions and view=documents so one is really lucky to have only the view=all where one does not see new or updated content. And documents are likely never shown.

And http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/community/support/openfire_(formerly_wildfire)_support?view=discussions&numResults=50 (lucky one who has a history within the browser) still contains

“+ Communities”

which is quite useless as clicking on + shows that there are no Sub-Communities.


OK, we had a little bug in the UI changes. The disappearing views are back now.

BTW - I’m pretty sure Michael did do the UI changes all by himself yesterday (Ryan fixed the bug today).