Magic Avatar change


Maybe I am just completely mad, but I can swear the following happend right now!

  • Running Spark/Wildfire for some time now I chose to have an avatar named pic1.gif chosen by going on Edit my profile -> Avatar in Spark 1.4.

  • Quite often I also connect to my server via Ichat from a mac mini. On this very mac I use a user avatar (the small pic you see when you log on to your mac!) of being pic2.gif This pic is also shown as my ichat avatar by default.

  • Now I updated to Spark 2.0 beta and guess what. Right after connecting to WF I got my PIC2.GIF as my Avatar in Spark 2.0??? I dont even have this very gif file on my computer!!!

Hmm, what happend? Does Wildfire 3.0 store this Avatar file in its database?? Where is my original Spak avatar??

Questions, questions???

  1. I do have a bookmark to a non existing local room in my spark 2.0 beta but I am unable to get rid of it! How can I delete this bookmark??




as far as I know Spark stores the avatar in the vcard (base64 encoded). So you should get this image every time you are using Spark and other users can view it by selecting “View Profile / VCard”.

Maybe something did change in the vcard handling of Ichat, Spark or Wildfire so you can use it “right”.