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Mail notification in Yahoo

From MSN i receive the notification during the session but from Yahoo only if i log me in and not during the session.

is it normal ?


Normal is not the word I would use =D I wonder why it’s only doing it once? GATE-352

i looked first the log file in the Opefire and the message was arrived but not forwarded. Then i looked in the gateway code and i believe that the variable “notificationcount …” or something like this is alway 0. (In the MSN code this variable is not used.) If try to see more but i have not the code for “openymsg”.

I hope this help you.


I added that to the jira issue thanks!!

I have the opposite problem with MSN; I don’t get the initial notification (to tell me how many new mails I have in my inbox) but I do get notifications as they arrive.