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Mail on room join?

Hi All,

Can’'t seem to find an answer for this, but I could be being Mr Thicky - a n00b to IM servers.

I’‘d like to have Wildfire mail a group when people join a particular chatroom - the idea is that a support group will then be able to respond quickly to somebody joining without sitting in the room all day (as it’‘s purely internal it shouldn’'t be all that busy). Is this possible? Do I need and extra add in, or do I need to investigate some XMPP>SMTP software? Wildfire is running on Ubuntu (Dapper) if it makes a difference. Any better ideas also gratefully accepted

Tx in advance

Hi brassneck,

The sort of functionality that you’‘re looking for is not provided by Wildfire out-of-the-box. However, there are a couple of different approaches you could take for implementing such a feature. The approach I would probably start with would be to write your own client that “sits” in a given room, watches for new participants and then sends out an email (or instant message) to list of specified group of people whenever a new participant is detected. If you’'re a Java developer implementing this sort of functionality using the url=http://www.jivesoftware.org/smack/Smack API[/url] (and maybe even rolling into a Wildfire plugin[/url]) would not be very difficult.

Hpe that helps,


Many thanks Ryan - I’‘m a pretty long way from being any sort of developer, more admin/infrastructure, but I’'ll take a look at those links - I might know a man who can…