Major login issue, installation abnormailities - MacOSX

from group chat:

guest203: I have a problem with openfire:

akrherz: ok

guest203: I can’t login to the admin panel

but I can still chat with spark

akrherz: did you recently upgrade?

guest203: no fresh install

akrherz: edit your openfire.conf file and set setup to false

restart openfire, which you can then reconfigure it and update your admin password

guest203: where is that in the macosx version?

akrherz: wherever openfire is installed and then the conf/ folder

4:34 PM

guest203: the mac osx version uses a system prefrences pane, I tried searching for openfire on my hard drive, but can only find a the pref pane and a file called org.jivesoftware.openfire.plist

akrherz: not sure

guest203: that org.jivesoftware.openfire.plist file is in the folder for startup items, so that’s not it

4:39 PM

guest203: found a file called openfire in the pref pane file. it has a bunch of options, but not a setup one. The system was already set up, and I was modifying the chat gateway settings

akrherz: I thought it was located in /usr/local/openfire or maybe /opt/openfire

guest203: just found that usr/local/openfire had restricted permissions, tring to crack it now…

4:44 PM

guest203: in the conf folder, the’res a file called openfire.xml with a bunch of options - looking at it now

changing setup to false…

having issues saving it…


retrying setup

4:49 PM

guest203: still takes me back to the login screen, which still won’t take my password. During all of this I was connected with spark, and still am

akrherz: did you restart openfire?

guest203: oops…

in setup now…

will I loose everything from my previous setup?

akrherz: not everything

4:54 PM

guest203: finished setup, but can’t get to login screen, redirects to setup

in openfire.xml, setup was still false

akrherz: permissions issue

user running openfire can’t write the config file

guest203: setup is true, restarted openfire, but it still goes to setup…

set the owner back to openfire, login screen comes up

login still fails…

4:59 PM

akrherz: strange, not sure what to suggest other than starting over

guest203: thanks anyways

5:04 PM

guest203: trashed all remnants of originall install, reinstalled, but still takes me to login screen

user admin pass admin works…

should I just go with this…

5:09 PM

guest203: It has all the settings I want…

akrherz: I am not sure, sorry

guest203: should I post in the forums…

akrherz: yes

5:14 PM

Any ideas?

guest 203 is me