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Make Spark work in OSX Mavericks

Hi There,

Does anyone know how to make Spark work in OSX Mavericks? It doesn’t even launch.


look here:

now if you get a corrupted install error i can tell you what that is.

That may be correct for Openfire, but I am running Spark on OS X 10.8 with Java v7u45 (64-Bit) and am not having issues. So there may be something else in OS X 10.9 that is causing Spark not to run.

i have the same problems with spark i have new java installed but it tell me spark is back i then tryed the java form openfire post finding same problems

I am also not able to get Spark IM to run under Mac OS 10.9 Mavericks. I get the error “Spark is damaged and can’t be opened.” Spark installed Java on its inital run. I could not find the Mac version of Java v6 32 bit to downgrade and try on the Java website.

You need to allow the use of software downloaded from any source.


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The answer is you need to build your own one.

I use this steps to build one that actualy works on Mac os x 10.9 but without Dock support.

  1. Import eclipse project to NetBeans.

  2. enable native bundle in NetBeans

  3. package DMG with the JDK 8 JRE in it

This may sound funny, but what I did was I downloaded the installer using a PC copied to my mac and it worked.