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Making a custum status mesage the default

How can I make one of my custom messages the default one? Every time my status changes to Away (for what ever reason) and I get back my status changes to Available.

I would like it to default back to my custom message.

It’s a bug - but no one seems to be able to tell me how to get it listed as one. The bug page says

"Need to report a bug? All bug reports should be made in the discussion forums.

A developer will then create an issue in the bug tracker and schedule

it to be fixed in an upcoming release. Please vote for issues you’d

like to see fixed. "

But as I have now posted twice about this issue, it appears the developers aren’t reading all the posts. (Which is understandable due to the quantity of posts). But surely there should be a better method of notifying of a bug than hoping some developer reads your post…?