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Making applet comm to browser

I know this is not strictly a SMACK question, but don’‘t know where else to ask about this… I have a chat app I wrote with Smack, it’‘s an applet than runs in a browser window, I would like to make the chat app “blink” when a new message arrives, like normal IM apps do… I don’'t think I can make browser window “blink”… but either way, first off I need to know, is there a way for the applet to somehow communicate with browser window containing it? and somehow tell browser window when a new message arrives and then I can try to bring the browser window into focus or something… thank you very much…

I don’'t believe there is a way to do what you want.

I have an applet with chat functionality in it and I simply instantiate a external JFrame which causes it to appear on the taskbar (in Windows) and blink. Chatting is this particular applet’'s secondary function so it works out great for it.

It may or may not work out for your use case.