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Malware detected in Spark 2.8.3

Hi, we downloaded in 2 differents computers Spark 2.8.3

Whe we test its in www.virustotal.com we get the detection of a malware:

Here the the analisys

i think you’re hitting a false positive, or downloaded spark from an unreliable source.

I agree, that this is probably a false positive. I also would not hold 1 detection of 66 very trustworthy. If you can and want, you may file a false positive request with Aegis Lab, if they havr such procedure. Haven’t heard much about them.

The software was downloaded from Ignite. I think the same about it can be a false positive. But i want to share this with the forum.

Thanks for your replies.
Kind regards!

In the link you provided it says you have scanned spark_2_8_3_960.exe. Downloads page provides installs with different naming. So, where exactly have you downloaded it from?

I have sent them an email about a false positive. Have no hope to get a reply though :slight_smile: http://www.aegislab.com/Contact/index.php

Well, what do you know. They have actually replied and fixed this false positive :slight_smile: No detections now.