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Manage openfire through Database


Im using a open fire server for XMPP server purpose. Im using SQL Server as database for open fire. I created a client in C# and it working perfectly. Now I’ve to create an admin service which can create, delete and update xmpp clients. creating and deleting clients is not a problem but when coming to user updation Im struggling with rosters.

How rosters are added to users in database. I just added through ofRoster table but I didnt get notification from server.

Any body can help with this problem…

Openfire uses a database cache. The best way to add users and to modify users or rosters is to use the Openfire API. Otherwise you need to wait for the cache to expire old data or disable caching completely which is of course not recommended.

Ok I got it. If I can’t do through database is there are any way to communicate openfire server for admin operations by http requests