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Management Interface Does Not Load

I’m running 3.6.4 using LDAP to a Windows DC, and the only plugin I have is the monitoring plugin. When I go to my IP:9090, I get this. Otherwise, everything works.




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I have read a bunch of posts about this but have not found a solution. I’m thinking about doing a clean install but I don’t want to lose my settings. If I copy the current conf folder or openfire.xml back in after a clean install of the latest version, will that get me back to where I am now?

Also, can I backup the whole Openfire folder from Program Files and copy that back if my clean install goes bad?


You can copy the whole folder.

I think you can just rerun the web setup, instead of reinstalling the application. Shutdown Openfire. Go to /openfire/conf and change setup tag value to false in the openfire.xml file. Then start Openfire and try connecting to web console and rerun the setup.