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Managing Conference Room members from LDAP

Openfire 3.8.2

I have created several conference rooms (members only) like PROJECT_1, PROJECT_2 etc.

OpenFire is using LDAP as backend for users, all users are in same Group (JabberUsers) in LDAP.

Works like a charm, but I must add users to correct conference rooms manually from GUI - not good.

Can I use LDAP groups also to set/unset members in conference rooms.


  • I have Group PROJECT_1 in LDAP, which have 5 users

  • Those 5 users all have also membership in JabberUsers-group => now chatting nicely 1-to-1.

  • Can I somehow config conference room PROJECT_1 to get membersOf from LDAP group PROJECT_1

  • anyway all users in group PROJECT_1 are anyway Jabber users though group JabberUsers - so no conflict in there.