Manipulate conference nickname

My current configuration pulls vCard information from AD/LDAP. The conference rooms in WildFire 3.0.1 use the nickname field in the vCard or the AD/LDAP sAMAccountName attribute. I know the ability to change the nickname once logged into the conference room exists. However I am looking for a way to change this behavior so that the users display name or lastname, firstname is used as the default name in a conference room. I wasn’'t able to locate any documentation on this or find any relevant posts in the forum so I apologize in advance for any duplicate posts or a question to something which has been documented.

I would appreciate any direction you can provide, thank you.

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In installation software of version 3.1.0 i saw options about parity of LDAP(AD) and Wildfire options of user through vCard. You should install 3.1.0 and set needable information at the installation fields.


I have installed Wildfire 3.1.1 with LDAP for authn and vCard info. I have mapped the Nickname vCard attribute with the ‘‘uid’’ LDAP attribute.

Same question: how can i restrict users from entering other nicknames in conference group chats?

I have discovered this old thread, but it was not answered:

Options “Show Real JIDs of Occupants to:” and “Only login with registered nickname” don’'t seem to work.

Thanks for any replies.

some follow-up:

“Show Real JIDs of Occupants to: Anyone” seems to work, but it is not clear how the clients can access the real JID:

With Psi (0.10) there is no info for the users in a room available. If i right-click on the room-nickname and select “User info”, the vCard window pops up, but it either waits forever or it pops up an error message ("Unable to retrieve information about this contact: Reason ")

With Gaim however, when a user joins a room, it displays it’‘s real JID in the room, but “info” doesn’'t work either.

Has anyone a clue about all this? any help would be greatly appreciated,

George Barelas