Manual adding of shared groups

I have several groups that I wish to make available I don’'t wish to advertise.

Is there a way to enable sharing a group and then allow users to manually add that group to their roster?

Hey Stephen,

I’‘m not sure I understand what you are trying to achieve here. Anyway, have you checked the "Show group in group members’’ rosters" configuration option? That option will make the group visible only to the group members and not to the entire users base.

Hope that helps.


– Gato


Yes that one I understand. I can make the group visiible to group members only or I can make it visible to the whole world.

What I want:

Example: I have an AD group called ‘‘Help Center’’ that lists all of the helpdesk personel. I want to make that group available to the users but I don’'t want it to show up in rosters automatically since not every users needs to know all the helpdesk people.

I know I can do this by creating another group and allowing sharing of Help Center to that new group but that is still an automatic thing. I want it manual.

This is a function I had available to me with Sametime and LDAP. It seems counter-intuitive but it is really quite usefull.

This is a feature that I would like to see as well, but I believe it might fall into the client-side realm, too?

If I get this right, you want to be able to choose “Add roster group” or something similar, or have a search return a group name and then be able to add the system-managed roster group to your own buddy list.

So say “Managers” group automatically displays to users in group A and B, users of group C should still be able to search for and add the “Managers” group to their own list.

Yes. That sounds about right. I was thinking the clients could treat the group as a user so no changes would be needed to the client but that really wouldn’'t work would it? Some kind of client change would have to be made.

Unless it’‘s already there and I’'m just not seeing it. Can anyone help?