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Manual Adding Users to a group in the Spark Client

This is a newbie question.

  1. I have installed the open fire server 3.6.4 on a Windows Server in our Test lab with the embedded database option during install.

  2. I downloaded the spark 2.5.8 client.

  3. Setup the Openfire server so that only registered users can use the system.

  4. Me and another Engineer opened the Spark Client on our PC’s and created users called test1 and test2 via the Spark Client with a password.

  5. I can see the clients connected to the Openfire Server in the Admin console but when we add the user via the client by using the Add User feature in Spark is comes up stating it can’t contact the user or it add its the user to the list but states pending in the client.

Has someone seen this issue before as I can’t find documentation on how to fix this issue or if I have something set wrong on the openfire server or the spark client. There is no firewall as this testing is being done in the lab on the same network IP area.

How exactly do you add users in Spark? You must specify servername, not just username. Username in Add Contact form should look like test1@servername. Or you can use a search and add users from the search results, it when appends servername automatically.

Thank-you that fixed the issue with adding users.