Manual Presence

Hi all, I have set a manual presence for my roster. I have some issues that i am trying to resolve:

  1. I have two users A and B. Let’‘s say A wants to see B’‘s presence, so A sends SUBSCRIBE to B. B sends back SUBSCRIBED back to A. Now A is capable of seeing B’‘s presence. 1. How come B has A in his roster? I noticed that B has A in his roster and A is not associated with any group. In Smack docs it says that A should be “unfiled entry”. Should i put A in some hidden group like "Unfiled"and later if B would like to see A’‘s presence and receives back SUBSCRIBED, then put A in some defined group like “Friends” and remove from “Unfiled”? How can you sort what people on the roster, that don’'t belong to any group, need to be removed or put to hidden group?

  2. Let’‘s assume that A and B are mutually subscribed to each other. A wants to remove B from its roster but B wants to remain subscribed to A’‘s presence. Is it correct for A to send UNSUBSCRIBE to B, let’‘s assume B sends back UNSUBSCRIBED to A? What packets are sent to B when A calls Roster.removeEntry(RosterEntry B) method. I notice that B is removed from A’‘s roster, what happens to A in B’'s roster?

Thanks to all