Many guest users watch a chat room - how to do?

Openfire does not allow two different users with the same identity to connect to. So how to solve the case where many guest users want to receive/watch information from a chat room (They just need to look and watch, and don’t need to write anything) ?

Please tell me how to resolve this. Thank you.

This should be possible in Openfire 3.9.2

[OF-103] [MUC] Allow nicknames to be used more than once in the same room - Jive Software Open Source

I use Strophe on the client and Openfire 3.9.3 , and when I log in with the same user on two different browsers, The resource that was first in there gets kicked!

I see that right when I go into the room with the later one, in the first client window, Strophe reported with the Strophe.Status.DISCONNECTED : means connection disconnected. It looks like Openfire disconnect it right away. The Openfire version is 3.9.3.

So Any configuration should be made for this to work ?

You should login with the same nickname (and JID), but with a different resource. It is not related to MUC even. You can’t have multiple logins with the same username and resource. Maybe your application can generate different/random resource for every user logging. Then it should work i think. What i mean is this part of a full JID:


Thank you for your answer. I will try.