Many Patches

Hi Guys,

there are many patches, i’ve already sent in, but aren’t committed yet.

Would be nice, if they are tested by some users.


ImprovementOfDownloadsPanel.patch (11807 Bytes)
NotificationsAlert.patch (15326 Bytes)
preferences_bugfix.patch (732 Bytes)
SavingGroupState_bugfix.patch (620 Bytes)
SPARK-824_GroupChatMessagesFromBlockedUsers.patch (3950 Bytes)

SPARK-905_DisplayDateInLiveChatSection.patch (1990 Bytes)
SPARK-935_PresenceIconInTaskbarWindowOfChat.patch (3681 Bytes)
SPARK-978_BuzzDelayShouldNotReset.patch (2769 Bytes)
SPARK-979_GrayingOutIdleContacts.patch (6798 Bytes)
SPARK-985_ImprovementForToastPopups.patch (21426 Bytes) patch is working

others need a description or a SPARK ticket number. It’s hard to understand what shoud be fixed

preferences_bugfix.patch working [ALREADY IN THE SOURCE] great to see you have done this, but i have some suggestions. I would leave the speed of appearing and disappearing without a change. Now it seems that a set time interval affects this speed. It jumps too quickly. Also, time interval is not saving, though it does can be set to a longer time than 1 sec, but it cant be set say to 10 secs. [RESOLVED] another nice small improvement works for me. Maybe i should think of a better naming for it. So i have two propositions. “Idle contacts are shown dimmed (Requires restart)”. Or we can leave that checkbox unchecked by default and the option could be called “Do not dim idle contacts (Requires restart)”. Latter sounds better, because other preferences are using the same style: “Show…”, “Enable…”. They are like the orders to a Spark.

[RESOLVED] great. working fine and even per user. attaching to a ticket [RESOLVED] wow, this is my day it’s working nicely, but i think it should be optional as someone could prefer to see Spark’s fire icon maybe Though i surely wouldn’t mind this to be a default and only option. I think i won’t even wait for a release and grab that patch and use it at home and work right away And i will make a poll to ask everyone what they prefer. Also i’m attaching the compiled spark.jar with that option. So everyone can check this out. [NEEDS MORE DEVELOPMENT AND HIGH-RES ICONS] nice improvement. date stamp is now attached immediately if a message with a new date arrives. Attaching the patch to the ticket.[NEEDS A FIX FOR CASES WHEN NO OLD HISTORY IS SHOWING]

I think could be solved along with that (5 votes already). As there is not much reason to view a few months conversation in a chat window.

Great job, Niklas. I hope Wnsrev will commit some of these patches soon.

Btw, Matt Tucker is asking here whether you have already signed a contributors agreement