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Mark messages as spam feature


I have got like 5 messages from an unknown user telling me to email back to them to know me better and stuff like that. That is obviously an attempt to steal my email or password for unknown purposes.

So It would be nice to have an option to report a private message as spam, so that the message is reported to site admin and also gets blacklisted.

Would be a nice feature.

Share your toughts


You see. We are using Jivesoftware’s Jive SBS for our community engine and we can customize it too much and add features. You should add your ideas as feature requests on their site. I have filed your request for you http://www.jivesoftware.com/jivespace/ideas/1443

As about those spammers. You can forward these messages to me and i will take care about this.

thank you I really appreciate it

Gonna send you the messages right away

You may get only the message and not the sender when something is forwarded. So a screenshot may be much better.

Ok, this can be a screenshot (posted in this thread) or just a nickname/username of that spammer.