Master user list for small company

Evening all, 1st post, I did search around but it’s a tough subject to search for, so figured start a quick discussion to get the right reply.

Well as it states, we have a small company of 75, setup openfire and initial tests are great. But rather than creating the user, then having them login and search/add people, is there a way to have all the employees already in the list? It might be more client spefic, so any recomendadtions are appreciated.

I saw the import/export function but that’s not looking like what I need. Basically I am ready to roll this out to all employees, but rather than having each person click add 75 times, I want to setup their client, them import a master list of all people.

What is the easist way? Thanks all.

Hi xlancealotx,

This is known as a “Shared Roster”, go into your Openfire Admin Console and then to Groups. Create a group and be sure to click " Enable contact list group sharing", then all your users to that list. This server side contact list is then seen on each user’s Contact List.


If you have any sort of LDAP server in your company you can simplify this further by configuring Openfire to use the LDAP server for Users and Groups authentication. Then you do not have to manually create the group in Openfire, add the users then share it out.

If you are running LDAP on your AD server, creat a group within your Active directory . Add all users to the group. Log into the admin console and select users/groups and find the group name you created. Under contact List select Enable and give it a name.