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Matt should be worried about these errors?

Inside the Admin console reads:

Error starting server listener on port 526W:i 9dAfdildress already in us:r eJ V2M.e_Bind

Error startin 4g.M4P P[ Fleibs X1e3n,e r2 0o0n6 p8o:r4t3 :55222 2P:M ]Atd


ress already in use: JVM_Bind

Error starting admin console: Multiple exceptions

Feb 13, 2006 8:44:00 PM org.jivesoftware.phone.database.HibernateUtil updateDB

INFO: Updating phone plugin database

Error log reads:

java.net.BindException: Address already in use: JVM_Bind

What does that mean?

Hey Dan,

The error that you posted seems to have some weird characters. Anyway, the BindException: Address already in use: JVM_Bind[/i] error means that the port that Wildfire is trying to use is being used by another process. Most probably the ports are being used by another Wildfire instance that is still running in background or by another XMPP server that you installed in that machine.

If you are using Windows you can use the excellent url=http://www.sysinternals.com/Utilities/TcpView.htmlTCPView tool[/url] to find out which other process is using the desired port. If you are using Unix you can use the netstat command to obtain the same information. Once you have identified the running process you should stop it before starting Wildfire.

Hope that helps.


– Gato