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Max Connections 25?

Hey guys,

I just setup an open-fire server and want to start deploying Spark to our users which are about 90. I created a new database and will create the users myself. But I noticed on the server properties it says minimum connections 3 and max connections was 25. Does that mean we can only have 25 users total on at a time? I thought I read somewhere that you could have unlimited users? Can anyone help me with this?



This has nothing to do with actual users. It is database connection between Openfire and DB. Users connect to Openfire, not manipulate DB in some way.

so even if it says 25 max connections its fine we could have more?

I am not a guru here, but I have 10 users connected to my Openfire Server and it still says, that I have 0 active connections on Database tab. So the answer is - you will be fine

You can have more than 25 users and 90 is fine too (i have ~170 online users). With 25 DB connections Openfire can handle thousands of online users.

ok I will try and deploy it and see what happens

hi i have 1800 users .how to show online users only?.it’s some slow by javascript.

What do you mean “to show”? Where? I check how many online users i have on Sessions page in Admin Console.

i have use openfire+iJab .i have to add 1800 user to one group . it’s very slow to load the mainwindow by javascript.so i decide,show only online users

so, i decided to modify the openfire source code.how to modify openfire source code or any details about load 1800 members . pls give me any idea for increase the speed of the mainwindow for chatting

Firstly, you should start a new thread for such a different question and probably in Openfire Dev section. And i can’t help you with iJab or other application tuning here. As about Openfire’s source changing, i can’t help either, i’m not a developer. I think this should be possible to push only online contacts to a client, thought this would be against xmpp standards

I have one doubt. I am using Openfire XMPP server.

How to get Online members only?

i want get online members only from openfire server.So. i have decided alter

the openfire source code.

please give me the details ,where to change the code in openfire source?

I’m not a developer, can’t help you here.


I really wonder whether this can be done. When a client retrieves a group which contains only online users, then the group must be updated as soon as one user logs in or out as this changes the group. This may cause more traffic than reading the whole group one time and then get only status updates.