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Maximum capacity for # of users in Spark roster

Hi everyone,

I’m putting together an app wherein users can add my Jabber ID to their IM client and anytime I update my site it’ll shoot them a IM (headline with a link). I’m trying to estimate how I should manage growth on a single server before I start having to farm it out to manage the load. Does anyone know a ballpark figure for how many users I should be able to support on a decent PC before it falls over?

Thanks for the help!

Hi Jason,

There was one report from a user a couple of years ago who had ~1200 users in their roster and they said it worked well; I don’t know any details of what kind of hardware they were using or if they increased the amount of memory allocated to Spark. In theory there’s no real practical, technical limit on the number of users that can be in a roster but at some point it would become difficult to manage a really large roster. I’m not sure what you mean to “farm it out” but depending on your exact needs it might be worth the time to develop a custom client/application that could work as a sort of mass mailer.

Hope that helps,

Thanks for the feedback Ryan! By “farm out” I was referring to that point when a single client install of decent specs can’t handle the load of an excessively big roster (which is the metric in question), and would fall over. Around 1,200 is very impressive! I recall on a podcast the Psi client could sustain ~2,100, so I’m assuming that’s an extreme baseline.