Maximum numbers of user online


I am working on a web client of opefire.

Please give me some idea about how many people can be online at the same time on this server or is there any way to load balancing like thing.


There are several options:

  • standard Openfire: with enough memory it should be no problem to have 5000 concurrent users.

  • ConnectionManagers: 5000 concurrent users per node

  • real Clustering (non-free!): more users…

However, the numbers above are for normal Jabber connections. Using e.g HTTP-Binding does produce more traffic, because the server is not able to notice the client about new events => Clients need to poll every second or so.

Hi All,

Actually, 5000 is on the low end. 200,000+ is acheivable on a single instance given a reasonable amount of processing power and memory. Do a search for “concurrent” for more information.

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Thanks Coolcat,

My client is not using http-Binding ( as it is a flex based client) so it doesn’t need to hit the server in every second ( currently i am hitting after 30 seconds ) so what would be the possibility.

As you said if it has enough memory it can take 5000 concurrent users can we increase the number by using other ways (Connection managers or others) as it is not enough to a website.



Thanks ryang,

Your answer gives me a ray of hope.

Accoding to you if i am giving reasonable amount of processing power and memory it can be more than 200,000.

Please suggest me if i need that much users, what should be the minimum memory requirement for a server.

I am using a Flex client ( my own library ) which is hitting the server after each 30 seconds for one user.



Hi gunjan,

Just to throw my 2 cents in, with that number of users, you may want to look into using connection managers.

If you do go with 1 machine and its Linux, be sure to check out what your kernel has set for max file handles. I believe you can find this setting by catting /proc/sys/fs/file-max . Anyway, I believe that number has to be greater than the max number of network connections you have active at one time.