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Maximum Users and Groups

I have installed Openfire and Spark on our systems and i would like to know the Maximum User and the maximum Groups i can use.



There is no hardcoded limit of users. All depends on your hardware and usage.

What type of hardware and useage you mean… can you please explain it … because… we have around 450 users and all of them will be useinf spark as a massenger. so…

  1. will open fire server suport all this users ??

2.do i need to have MYSQL DB for this or can i user the embeded DB in Open Fire…??

  1. How do we take a Backup of All the users … ??



What i ment is how much RAM and what CPU do you plan to use.

As i said there is no limits in Openfire itself, it can support thousands and tens of thousands users. 450 users is not much. I’m using Celeron 2.6 GHz with 256MB RAM and minimalistic linux operating system to serve ~150 users. I could probably server twice more. For Windows box i would suggest to have at least 1GB or more RAM. CPU is not so important i think. Though everything depends on usage. If your users will be chatting occasionally and won’t send hundreds of messages per second then you should be ok.

It’s better to use external DB (like MySQL) in the production, for easier managing and backuping. You can still use the embedded one (i’m using it myself) if you want or don’t have a DB.

Backuping depends on what type of DB you will be using. In MySQL case you will be backuping this database normally and probably /openfire/conf directory (config files). In Embedded DB case you will also need to backup /openfire/embedded-db/ directory. You can do this while Openfire is running, but you can loose some part of updated data this way and can’t guarantee your backuped database won’t be corrupted. Openfire is not writing anything to a DB at once, it holds lots of data in caches (RAM) and only flushes this data to a database periodically.

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Hi …

Thank you very much for the response and i think this has answerd my question …

Thank you again…


Open Fire is the BEST!!! and Spark too…