Maximum Users for Spark/Openfire?

What is the recommended maximum user count for a single, non-clustered, server running Openfire using Spark clients? This would be on a VMWare virtual server, so I could allocate any resources necessary. I am just trying to figure out if Openfire/Spark is even a viable solution for my company and if so, how many servers I will need and if I need to go to a clustered architecture. I have about 1000 users that will need to go on this.


We’ve hit 250,000 users on one node before. 1000 shouldn’t be an issue.

You biggest issue will be your hardware and software config. The better the specs on the hardware the better the performace and load your system can take. You will also need to allocate more memory to openfire.

At what configuration did u achieve 250000 user , as in my case i am able to get only 5000 with my server .