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May 4 Chat Transcript

Thanks to everyone for joining today’'s chat (transcript attached)!



Thanks for the chat everyone. In case you missed it, people should take a look at the url=http://www.thechannelinsider.com/article2/0,1759,1788898,00.asparticle[/url] Matt linked to at the top of the discussion, it really makes Messenger look good, but of course everyone already knew that.

yes, nice chating:) And i have read this article also:) Some JM fan:) Interesting article:)

heh… something wrong with my CPU cooler at home (2x slot A cooler), stops after some time of working. I was planing to upgrade (actually buy new one), but not so soon. So now i will mostly post from work:) Or maybe i’'ll buy some system fan and try to attach it to CPU:) …hm… that was an offtop:)

as about records (im still a “minimal system requirements to run JM” record holder?:)), i have successfully connected next 13 users to our network. About 20 users online today. Now swap is in use. But JM works fine i think. Have forgotten to write down exactly specs of our “server”. Will do it tomorrow maybe.

Ryan, have just noticed your reply to my PM:)

my specs (hwd -s):

HARDWARE DETECT ver 4.7 (simple mode)

Kernel :

CPU & Cache: Processor 0 is Pentium III (Katmai) 498MHz, 512 KB Cache

ALSA(sound): ESS Technology|ES1988 Allegro-1 module: maestro3

/usr/bin/mkxcfg: line 106: /usr/sbin/ddcxinfo-arch: No such file or directory

Video : S3 Inc.|Savage 4 server: Xorg (savage)

Monitor : Generic Monitor H: kHz V: Hz

Mouse : Generic PS/2 Wheel Mouse xtype: PS2 device: /dev/psaux

Drive(ide) : WDC WD101AA (HD) 10110MB / 2048KB cache device: /dev/hda

Drive(ide) : NEC CD-ROM DRIVE:282 (CDROM) 0MB device: /dev/hdc

Floppy : Floppy drive(s): fd0 is 1.44M

USB : VIA Technologies|VT82C586B USB module: uhci_hcd

Ethernet : 3Com Corp.|3c590 10BaseT module: 3c59x device: eth0

Network : No PCI card or onboard chip



Menu : Hwd: hwd, Lshwd: lshwd -?, X: mkxcfg

X sample : Generate X sample: hwd -x

Howto : View howto: hwd -h

memory; formerly 64MB, hwd shows 57

28 users online now