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May messenger run at other web server ? Resin,tomcat or weblogic?

I use eclipse to build messenger。How should I do to build jsp into java?

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In general, here is what you’'ll want to do:

  1. Build the Messenger WAR, extract it to some directory (let’'s say c:\webapps\messenger).

  2. Create a webapp definition in your appserver in the following way by adding the lib directory of that extracted webapp to your appserver’'s classpath. In our example that would be c:\webapps\messenger\WEB-INF\lib.

  3. Set the doc root of that webapp to the doc root of your CVS checkout. So, if you have Messenger checked out to c:\code\messenger, you’'d add c:\code\messenger\src\web as your doc root.

  4. Use the web.xml file in the extracted webapp directory (see step #1) as your webapp’'s web.xml file (c:\webapps\messenger\WEB-INF\web.xml).

  5. I found in Resin 3 you need to tell it explicitly that your WEB-INF dir is the extracted war WEB-INF directory (step #1). Otherwise it’'ll look for it in the doc root you set up in step 3. In our case /WEB-INF/* should be mapped to c:\webapps\messenger\WEB-INF.

Hope that helps – attached is a config file I used for Resin 3. Note that I set messengerHome as a system property.