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Media proxy Openfire 3.6.3, SOMEONE MUST KNOW ! please answer!


I have sent out this question before, but tricky questions does not seemes to be answered in this forum. SOMEONE MUST KNOW !! . Is the mediaproxy

working and the stunserver working or not, we have tested everything now, even putting the server directly on internet with public IP with no firewall

protection and users that are not inside our lan can not use the phone utility in SPARK. The only choice he gets when he tries to call

is phone Computer to Computer,.


  1. Is Spark automatically trying to use the media proxy

  2. Should we expect a second meny in spark sayin phone with media prox

  3. How on earth shall we get this working, If the mediaproxy in Openfire does not work, then please say so, so that i dont have

to waist more time on it,

  1. The STUN server functionality, which should make it possible to use this function even if you are behind a NAT, does it work ??

Now we have a server connected with a public IP just with a CISCO firewall inbetween the public IP

I hope for some answers, there must be someone more then me who have tried to get phone chat to work with spark over openfire.

I these functions in Openfire are unusable, please if anyone has another solution tell me. Perhaps there are other mediaproxys that can be used with SPARK.

/Best regards