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Meetings w/ Openfire Chat/Switch & SIP Phone Plugins

With Asterisk-IM being long-gone, and only hopeful resurrections ~2x years ago…

What is the viability of integrating Openfire w/ Asterisk?
While I know Meetings wants FreeSwitch, in the end SIP is SIP… is it even possible?
Asterisk API/Manager via 5038 & new REST interface may be wishful I know, but here’s to hoping for basic calling abilities.

…it is amazing how Meetings has grown in such a (relatively) short period of time, and I know it is in active development; even still, curious minds and all :smiley:

I don’t use Asterisk anymore and consequently don’t have any motivation to maintain the Asterisk-IM plugin. It is very possible to make a new Asterisk plugin like the FreeSWITCH plugin, but that might require professional services with a paying customer.