Member Groups Administration Disappeared

We recently upgraded to Wildfire 3.0.1 and Fastpath 3.1.1.

After the upgrade the links under the Spark Fastpath tab in the Wildfire Admin Console for managing the Agent Member Groups disappeard.

You can still get to the functionality by using the urls directly:

plugins/fastpath/agentgroup-summary.jsp etc.

Wondering where the links went and how I can get them back.



Hi Chris,

The Agent Groups feature was removed from Fastpath as it is going through some re-work that would not allow it to function correctly in Fastpath 3.1.x. How were you using the feature?



We have 1 workgroup with 4 queues.

customerchat workgroup

ifloor queue

diyflooring queue

rugarea queue

floorshop queue

Then we have an agent group of chatagents.

Then we assign the agent group chatagents to each of the queues (ifloor, diy, etc).

If we want to remove or add a person, we just remove or add them from the group.

Hi Chris,

Ok, that makes sense. The new functionality will use Shared Groups as the basis for Agent Groups to simplify the types of “Groups” in the system. Please wait for the release with this functionality and it will work much more like how you describe.