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Members-only chat rooms

Hi, everyone! This is my first post to this community

I’m getting one issue with chat rooms: I’ve created a members-only chat room and added some members. But, when I’ve tried to log in this chat room, with a member account, Jive returns me a 407 message and denies me access.

I’m using Jive 2.1.3 with JDK 1.5.0_03 under Fedora Core Linux, SQLServer 2000 via Microsoft JDBC 2.2.0040 Driver, LDAP/AD authentication, and I’ve tried that using neos 1.0.98 and Pandion 2.1.1 clients.

Could anyone help me?

Thanks for your support, muito obrigado a todos,


P.S.: Congratulations to all working on this project! Very good software!

Oi Danilo,

My best guess is that the JIDs of the members and the user you are using do not match. If that is not the case let me know.


– Gato

Olá, Gato,

There’'s another thing that I forgot to tell: when I set this same room as a regular, non-member-only room, I get access to it, with the same user I was trying to.

And thank you for the tip. I’'m gonna check this out tomorrow, when I get to my job.



Gracias, Gato! It worked! The thing was that I was setting, for instance, john@jabber as a member and I had to put john@jabber.mydomain

Sorry! My mistake!

Thanks for helping!