Memory Footprint is insane

My company just adopted Spark - but with a memory footprint of 45 meg it’‘s larger than most business applications we run! Sheesh - Photoshop only takes 58 meg. It’‘s making people uninstall it as fast as people install it. It’‘s a nice clean interface - but at 45 meg it’‘s really not viable for it’'s value to the company (unless our company was all about employees chatting to one another). One manager said - “just run it when you want to chat.” Duh! If everyone did that then no one will ever be on-line but the lone person who needs to chat! So should we call each other on the phone to say we want to chat? Arghhhh!

What gives - how can this be taken seriously?

This is Java. So what’'s the point of this thread? You can use any other client (Exodus, Psi, Pandion). Especially if chating is not a primary thing for you, so maybe you dont need all these nifty features, glancing GUI, etc. Or do you want all these stuff to be ported to some other environment/language? I think developers are making all the optimizations they could. Maybe with 1.6 Java it will be faster and less memory consuming.


One thing to add to wroot’‘s post. The 2.0 release of Spark decreases memory consumption somewhat, as will Java 1.6. If you’'re not already using Spark 2.0, give it a shot.