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Memory leak on frequent disconnects


I have an issue where my client ultimately (over a course of a day) hangs with out of memory.

The cause is the frequent disconnects due to laptop being closed or just connection issues.

I do not use smack’s auto-reconnect in my code as it causes other problems.

I let go of the XMPPConnection and create a new one whenever I need to reconnect.

There’s a bug fix which looks like it may address the issue, but it hasn’t been touched in some time:


Any suggestions?

  • Alex.

Patch is applied in trunk.

You are the man!

Any idea when the next version is scheduled for a release?

This one fixes a lot of the stuff I need.

I prefer not to build off the trunk cause other people depend on it and untested trunks aren’t the best way to keep ppl happy

It will be a couple of months. I have been helping out with the next Openfire release lately, which we will hopefully have pushed out soon.

Being so close to Christmas I won’t get much of a chance to do anything until the new year. Then I plan on applying many of the patches that have been contributed and release a 3.3 beta.