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Memory usage after the client ends


I am load testing the openfire using the tsung program. I could able to generate 4000 concurrent users and send messages using them. openfire took nearly 800MB to complete the process.I increased the java memory to 1.5GB just for the safer side. My tsung program completed successfully but in the admin site the java memory usage is still showing as 700MB even after the completion. I dont know why. Could someone explain me this?


And in the System Monitor, it shows 1.1 GiB and futex_wait in the waiting channel

Hi Madhavan, are you using the MUC feature at all? If you are it might be similar to a problem we had. If logging is turned on for MUC rooms, Openfire will persist the messages to the database. It does this in batches at set intervals. You can tweak the batch size and interval size. If you’re sending a lot of messages these will be queued up to go into the database - it could be that after your test has finished these messages still haven’t persisted.

It’s simple to see if this is the case - simply turn off message logging and see if you get the same problems…