Memory Usage and Terminal Server

Is there a currently way to reduce the amount of memory spark will use?

We have a terminal farm and just installed spark for the customer.

With every one logged into spark, memory usage is now very high.


Do we have a way to disable updates notices? I am sure you can see where this would cause many problems

in a thin environment.

This looks like it has been posted before, but am not sure if anything was/can be done.

Thanks in advance!

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Spark is not designed for terminal environment, moreover it’'s a Java app. JVM needs that memory and you cant do much about this.

Thanks WRooT,

That is to bad…

Not being terminal server aware basically removes a very large percentage of networks and potential cusotmer base. (IMO)

What are other Admins using in a thin environment

We used Pandion on a few terminal servers, but it would nice to keep a network uniformed.

SparkWeb is pretty thin

Consider OpenFire Enterprise…

Try LinQ for your TS environment if you just want basic IM features.

We have also gone over to LinQ because of the huge amount of memory that Spark use.

Look at this reply: