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Memory use issues with 3.7.0beta

I don’t see any other discussions related to this, so I want to see if anyone else is seeing these problems.

We installed and were running an Openfire 3.6.4 server and have repeated run into the bug which seems to be triggered by Adium which allows a null jid to be inserted into the ofmucmember table, which makes managing these lists a bit problematic. To attempt to avoid this problem we upgraded recently to 3.7.0beta, which contains a fix for this issue, but ever since upgrading, the server is running out of Java heap daily, where previously it never got above 32 out of 123MB on the front server status page.

Is anyone else seeing memory usage/leak problems with 3.7.0beta? We’re running the following setup:

CentOS 5.4

Openfire 3.7.0beta installed from the RPM with the included JVM (upgraded from the 3.6.4 package)

PostgreSQL 8.1.18 backend

LDAP user/group backend

We’re about to back out and restore to 3.6.4, because we can’t take the daily hits here with our users. I’ve been running Openfire since it was Jive Messenger and have never had problems with it running out of memory before - particularly not on a daily basis.

As an update, it appears that just doing a reload on the main page on the main page will eat a huge chunk of memory. For instance:

log in: 50.3MB of memory shows used

hit reload: 62.4MB of memory shows used

hit reload again: 76.2MB of memory shows used

This seems wrong.

Hi Matthew,

I wish I could reproduce the problem. A heap dump would help a lot to see where the memory is allocated.

Do you use (old) plugins?


We’re not running any plugins at all. We had the search plugin installed, but had taken that out to try to eliminate things.

Tonight I’m going to reduce the heap size, restart the server with -XX:+HeapDumpOnOutOfMemoryError, and cause it to bail.