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Menu bar icon on OSX always black

Any one else seeing this on their Apple machines? The menu bar icon for Spark is always black (not yellow, red, green), seeing it on a handful of machines here of all various types. kinds versions, so thought I’d post to see if I could help figure this one out for all of us. Thanks so much.

I’m not an OS X user, but i see that all icons in that menubar are BW, to be correct just blck color is in use. So Spark icons is following the design. Though it would look better to have only inside smaller flame as black and only black outline of bigger flame.

No, they can contain color, and in fact Spark sometimes does, but most of the time does not. I sure like it a lot. As soon as we get it working with Asterisk then we’ll love it beyond description. But, like I say, there is something just quite not right about the way it shows color. In fact, I would go a tiny bit further & say that there is something just not quite right about its detection of being away, idle, active, since it often needs to be told that youre “available”, but that may or may not apply here. But, my point is that the icon loses its color. Please see attached.

Thanks everyone.