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Message and contact list management


I’ve set up my OpenFire server (with Strophe on the client side) and I merged the managemet of the user account with my system of user accounts.
I did the same for the user’s contact lists. I found the contact lists in the Roster table on the database. And, I replaced it with my own system to link both my system of contact lists with OpenFire’s rosters.

This is all working but I have one remaining problem: I would like to prevent users from sending messages to users who are not in his contact list. I need to force this on the server side because the users can be connected from any XMPP compliant client. I guess it is an option somewhere, but I couldn’t find it. Can anyone help?
I would also like to prevent users to send invitations to the server. My server need to control who invites who and has to be the only one managing the contact lists. How can I do that?

Thanks a lot in advance,

How can I do that?
With lots of programming. There is no such option. You can try coding a plugin or just changing the server code to achieve your needs. Maybe you can use Packet Filter plugin as a starting point.

install the subscription plugin and set it to reject all subscriptions.