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Message Carbons and Openfire v3.10

Is there a way to get Message Carbon’s enabled at the SERVER LEVEL? I can’t see any documentation about this, although I see it mentioned as a large feature update in the release notes.

I’d very much like the server to be able to send messages to ALL sessions for a logged in user. We will frequently have users connected via mobile and desktop client, and if they respond on mobile, they only get future messages to mobile until they send a message from desktop again, even though desktop stays connected.

Is there a way to enable this at the server level in v3.10?

No. I’ve developed it according to XEP-0280, which says, that clients must enable it.

However, here’s a nice explanation which might help you:

Explanation: message synchronization between clients

(There’s a property which does similar things)


Thanks for sharing my doc

The property won’t help as it says in the document and as Joseph has probably already discovered.

This feature IS already enabled on the server by default. At least i didn’t have to do anything to make it work. Also most of the clients have it enabled by default i think (Yaxim and Gajim does). So it is a matter of finding a suitable client both for mobile and for desktop. If you can’t control what clients are in use, then nothing can be done. The server can’t make a client use that feature if it doesn’t exist in the client.

So to enable message carbons, what is the sequence?

Client initiates a enable carbon request and server returns that particular feature to it.
Or Is it the vice versa?

I am using openfire V 4.4.4